Shults Pediatrics believes that a child’s well being starts at home.

One of the best means of healthy living and prevention of chronic illness is through Nutrition.

Shults is pleased to be able to provide their clients with access to achieving healthy life balances with Dietitian Mandy Welch offering Nutrition Counseling

Hi everyone! My Name is Mandy Welch.
I am a registered and licensed dietitian in the process of completing my Masters in Nutrition. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia and my internship practicum working locally in Knoxville. I have previously worked in clinical practice for 10 years before taking a break to be home with my three boys. As a client of Shults Pediatrics for the past 12 years I am thrilled at the opportunity be added to join such a dynamic team of professionals and excited to offer the addition of nutrition counseling to the practice.

Services Available

  • Overcome mealtime stress
  • Introduce new foods to the picky eater
  • Assist with first year feeding and transition to solids
  • Educate your teenager of the metabolic needs of nutrition for a healthy lifestyle
  • Help your child achieve a healthy weight
  • Manage food allergies
  • Develop a meal and snack routine and nutritional options in our busy lifestyles
  • Adequately nourish your developing athlete
  • And many more!

Now offering two New Programs!

Focus on Family Personal consultation for meal planning and menu development helping to achieve a peaceful family table. Designed as 2-3 sessions program and aimed at establishing an individual plan for families to achieve more balance around meal times.

A 6 month, 10 session program for the whole family. Healthy Life styles provides education on the Why eat Healthy and the How to eat healthy. It includes individual goal setting, meal planning, and a label reading grocery tour.

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*Consults can be physician or self referred and will be billed to your insurance*

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