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  • All is Well Wednesday Week 6: 9 Months old
    Week 6: 9 Months Look at all your baby can do! While babies develop at different rates, you’ve likely seen or are starting to see some big milestones around this age. Read more
  • All is Well Wednesday: The 6 Month Well Visit
    Wow! Six months old! Coming into the exam room, we expect to see a curious and active baby. Read more
  • Child Behavior Problems
    While we may not love it, all kids are going to act up, throw tantrums and be irritable at times; however, if your child is displaying negative actions and behaviors Read more
  • Back to School Tips During The Pandemic
    Some of you have already started your 2020-2021 school year while others are just gearing up. This is normally a time of mixed emotions (excitement, curiosity, anxiety, etc), and those Read more
  • All is Well Wednesday Week 4: 4 Months Old
    By four months old, your baby is likely getting very vocal and is usually getting ready to roll over! See our All is Well Wednesday post to learn more about what to expect at the 4 months visit! Read more
  • Make Sure Your Child Gets Their Regular Check-Ups
    To ensure that your child grows up healthy and strong, they need to see a pediatrician for regular check-ups, screenings, and vaccines. These well-child visits are incredibly important for your Read more
  • All is Well Wednesday: The 2 Month Old Visit
    Week 3: 2 Months For week 3 of our All is Well Wednesday series, we will look at the 2 month visit. Can you believe your little one is already 2 Read more
  • All is Well Wednesday: The 3 Week Visit
    Welcome to week 2 of our All is Well Wednesday series! Today, we will talk about the 3 week visit. This may be just your second time in our office Read more
  • All is Well Wednesday: The Newborn Visit
    Welcome to All is Well Wednesdays! Each Wednesday we will be highlighting a well visit starting with the very first newborn visit all the way through adolescence to adulthood. That’s over Read more
  • Seeking Help for Your Child's Sports Injuries
    Regular physical activity is so important for your child’s health. If they have decided to start playing on a sports team this can also be a great way for them Read more
  • How To Brush Your Child's Teeth
    So, your child’s teeth just started to come in. We know that this can be an exciting milestone for parents. Of course, this also means considering your child’s oral health. Read more
  • When To Get A Vision Test For Your Child
    Parents want nothing more than their children to be healthy and happy. This applies to every element of their well-being, including their eyes! Your pediatrician recommends that all children receive Read more
  • Signs That Your Child May Have Autism
    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental condition that affects how a person views and interacts with the world around them, including other people. In most cases, differences become apparent Read more
  • Signs of Tonsillitis
    Everyone is born with two tonsils. These are lymph nodes located right in the back of the throat. They help out the immune system by housing important white blood cells. Read more
  • Signs Your Child Has ADHD
    Parents want the best for their child, which is why check-ups and appointments with their pediatricians are so important. Yet your pediatrician isn’t just available for when your child is Read more
  • Why Immunizations Are Important
    To keep your child healthy and happy this involves making sure that they eat the right foods, exercise regularly and get quality sleep. Of course, visiting your pediatrician for routine Read more

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