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  • Head Lice And How To Treat It
    You’ve just received a call from the school: someone in your child’s class has head lice. We know that hearing that your child has or might have head lice can Read more
  • When Does My Child Need Stitches?
    We all know how accident-prone kids can be. They get bruises, bumps, cuts, and scrapes from time and time. Most of the time, these boo-boos are nothing to worry about, Read more
  • Diabetes in Children
    In the past, the most common type of diabetes to affect children and teens was type 1 diabetes. This is also referred to as juvenile diabetes. In children with type Read more
  • When Should My Child Get a Tetanus Shot?
    All children need to get a tetanus shot. When we think of tetanus we often think of rusty nails; however, this bacterium isn’t just found on rusty metal items, it Read more
  • Keeping Your Child Safe While Traveling
    Whether you’re simply taking a weekend trip to visit the grandparents, or you and the family are flying internationally, you must know how to keep everyone healthy and safe while Read more
  • Does My Child Have a Broken Bone?
    Accidents happen. Perhaps your child hurt themselves falling off their bike or taking a rough tumble down the stairs. In these instances, the first thing you’ll probably do is check Read more
  • All is Well Wednesday Week 15: The School Age (6-11 Years Old) Visits
    Once your child enters school, it is still important to keep yearly well visits. We will continue to check growth and development, discuss concerns specific to the child, and build Read more
  • Signs of a Pediatric UTI
    A urinary tract infection isn’t just something that happens to adults. Children can also develop UTIs. Since children are more likely to suffer from kidney damage as a result of Read more
  • All is Well Wednesday Week 14: 5 Years Old
    Hang on tight, Lorenzo and family! You have lots of big adventures ahead! Celebrating the fifth birthday is a pivotal time in a child's development. The five year old well Read more
  • Thanksgiving Hours
    Shults Pediatrics will be closed Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving. We will be open regular hours on Wednesday (7a-6p) and Saturday (8a-12p). We hope everyone has a safe and happy Read more
  • The 4 Year Well Visit
    All is Well Wednesday Week 13: 4 Years Old Lucas is all smiles. He must know that the four year visit is a fun visit! They are full of personality and Read more
  • Keeping Your Child Safe in the Car
    You may be surprised to learn that many car seats are not used properly. In fact, around 46 percent of car and booster seats are improperly used, which greatly impacts Read more
  • All is Well Wednesday Week 12: 3 Years Old
    Justin is pretty lucky to have Nurse Rebekah as his nurse and mommy! We always strive to let all our patients know and feel how special they are. Thank you Read more
  • All is Well Wednesday Week 11: The 30 Month Visit
    Life with a two and half year old can be anything but low key! Many days can be a series of ups and downs as your child is developing his/hers Read more
  • Your Child and Chicken Pox
    You just got the call from your child’s school: someone in your kid’s class has chickenpox. This highly contagious virus isn’t usually anything to worry about, but it can certainly Read more
  • All is Well Wednesday Week 10: The 2 Year Old Visit
    Never miss an opportunity to pose with bears! Charlotte had a successful 2 year old well visit. Read below to find out what would have occurred at this visit. Labs: On Read more

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