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  • All is Well Wednesday Week 6: 9 Months old
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All is Well Wednesday Week 6: 9 Months old

0258391001598454316.jpgWeek 6: 9 Months

Look at all your baby can do! While babies develop at different rates, you’ve likely seen or are starting to see some big milestones around this age. He/she may be saying “mama” and “dada,” playing peek-a-boo, sitting on their own, pulling to stand, and even cruising around furniture. Breastmilk or formula is still the main source of nutrition, but new foods continue to be introduced. Your baby may be trying to feed himself and making a pincer grasp with his thumb and forefinger. We are excited to see all these new things!

  • Labs: none

  • Immunizations: Seasonal flu if appropriate

The good news is as long as your baby is up to date on her immunizations, the only vaccine today is possibly the seasonal influenza vaccine. Each year we recommend the flu vaccine for all patients 6 months and older. This is about September to April. If you have an appointment during this time, we can do the shot then. Otherwise, it would be a quick nurse visit. If it is the first year getting a flu vaccine, the child will need a second one in 1 month. 

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 Why Do We Recommend Vaccines?


The Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) is a developmental screening tool used to assess your child’s development periodically through 5 years old. The parent completes the age specific questionnaire before the visit to help the pediatrician gauge the child’s development in five domains: Communication, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Personal-Social and Problem-solving. Please, allow 15-20 minutes to complete the survey. It is helpful to have your child with you when completing to better answer some of the questions.


  • Next routine well visit: 12 months old. There will be vaccines at the 12 month visit. 

Take care, and remember we are here if you need us! 

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