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Breastfeeding Tips

  • Breastfeeding your new baby should be an enjoyable experience. Getting off to a good start may be challenging, but the first two weeks are so important that using your breastfeeding resources will be paramount to being a successful nursing mother.
  • Ask to see a Lactation Consultant during your hospital stay. The sooner you have someone assist you with positioning and latch on the better. Watch baby for sucking and swallowing at the breast and if the baby is swallowing well. The baby should nurse 10 times in 24 hours the first 2 weeks.
  • A good indicator of intake will also be stools which should be abundant and yellow (4-12 stool diapers a day), by the 7th day of life.
  • Keep a journal indicating how often baby feeds well at the breast, how many wet and stooled diapers baby has a day.
  • Mom’s often need help in the first few days with latch, sore nipples , and sometimes engorgement.
  • Please call a lactation consultant to come to your home if breastfeeding isn’t going well.

To find a lactation consultant in your neighborhood, go to the website of the international lactation consultants at ilca.org.

Also, here is a PDF about Breastfeeding Basics published by the AAP.